Picture a refrigerator. What kind of food do you put in it? Good food you plan to eat later? Or chewed up chicken bones that you don’t want to see again?

Well, the same concept applies in our lives, we are a product of what we choose to bring forth from the past. Call it human nature but we are more inclined to remember the bad rather than the good of our past. Not only that, we let it fester, and define us, negatively.

Why do we continuously let ourselves lug around the bad memories and easily dispose off the good ones? Have we become so comfortable with identifying with the bad that was and is in our lives that there is no room to appreciate and acknowledge the good?

It could be a bad experience, a word that should have been left unsaid or a regrettable action. It’s time to spring clean your life, get rid of the bad that’s held you captive to the negative perception of self and others.

Give yourself permission to let go. To forgive. To leave the bad in the past.