It’s always the little things; the small stain or tear on a shirt that makes an outfit unwearable.  In life, the same applies, the small lie that ruins a relationship, an oversight that ruins a deal, a misstep that ruins a whole encounter,  or a small argument that brings permanent consequences. 

We’ve all been there,  a small bad thing sucks the excitement out of larger,  and more important reasons you may have to celebrate. Is it possible to stop being drawn from dwelling on the small stain at the expense of the larger clean surface? 

1. Keep calm. Let not a careless remark or action make you lose your cool. Breathe till sanity reigns supreme before you choose how to act. No matter how long it takes,  give yourself time to cool down. 

2. Distraction. As you seek to regain your cool,  distractions may come in handy.  Do something constructive as you give yourself time to cool off. 

3. Bigger picture. Keep the wiser perspective at hand as you prepare to react. The end game should not be undermined by a slight mishap. 

Above all,  take the reigns. No one has the power to destroy your day or your experience unless you let them. Take control of your own happiness.