A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed. – Henrik Ibsen

You a see a remarkable trailer, which conjures up expectations of a spectacular movie experience that you just can’t to wait enjoy. So when the movie premieres, there you are, first in line, bubbling with excitement at the chance to finally watch this long awaited movie. Half an hour later, the movie proves to not have lived up to its hype in the promos and trailers. Disappointment washes over you and you regret watching the movie in the first place (and you want the 2 hours of your life back!).

First dates, initial encounters, interviews are all laden with people giving their best first impressions. Many use impressive words copied from manuals all over the internet about how to make the best first impression. The excitement of meeting them soon dies down when their actions don’t match the impressive words.Long drawn meetings are held every day, many of which bear little fruit. All these because it is much harder to act rather than speak.

“I’m going to….” “I will….” “Forgive me, this will never happen again….” Words are simple to utter, especially for the unreliable, who use it as a great escape from immediate action. It only takes a moment to make a comment, or a promise, it takes will and effort to turn this into action.

Actions do speak louder than words, they literary shout out loud. It doesn’t matter how good your words are, if you can’t back them up with actions, your words are useless. Many of us give every one we meet the benefit of doubt the first time; let them make a promise, and we watch and wait, to see whether they will keep their word or not. One chance is all it takes. Failure to action may gain you the label of unreliable for a long time; a label you may never to let go of. Action endears you to people, and attaches more weight to your words.

Purpose to be a person of less words and more action. No matter how good your first impression may be, your actions cement others’ perception of your integrity. First impressions may last a long time, you actions are proof for life.