Clinging to your past instills the notion that your future is determined by it. Moments of weakness lead us here, where our fears are flared up by our past, and this leads to the justification of why we should not pursue that which we desire in the present and for our future.
Holding fast to the past is getting permanent residence in your comfort zone. Whether good or bad, these past events uncover a new aspect of who we are, and we may end up remaining in the past rather than looking to new possibilities in the future.
Some possible hold-backs we may encounter are:
1. Past tragedy. Whether it happens to a close loved one or to us, tragedy changes us, makes us see the world around us in new eyes. Even though such tragedies may leave us with deep scars, we cannot afford to be defined by them. There comes a time when you must leave the tragedy behind, because there’s so much more living left to accomplish.
2. Past failure. You tried and failed. You tried again and failed again. Such consistent failure has a way of chipping at your self confidence. Past failures have the power to cement the belief that you can’t make it. Alternatively, it can renew the tenacity to try again until you make it because failure is just a lesson in what not to do.
3. Past success. A success today proves that you are good enough, are the best at something at the time. Success is amazing, can boost your confidence, make you more daring to achieve even greater dreams. On the flip side, success can make you a prisoner of the past. Some hold on too tightly to their previous victories that it becomes impossible to scale even higher heights. When one feels that they have been their best, and have the accolades to prove it, why bother being better?
Yesterday’s tragedy, failure and success should be a stepping stone o a better today, not a barricade that holds you a prisoner of the past.

The one thing you have to do when you want to transform is forget. Forget your successes, your failures, everything. You have to forget the past, you have to be focused in the goals that you have.  –  Bishop David Muriithi