Matt 5:41 NLT

If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles.

This post has been inspired by my recent initiation into entrepreneurship. Starting your own business means wearing more hats than you ever thought possible, and being good at it, because you cannot afford to fail.

A few hours as a salesperson promoting my new business MatCrafts was a unique experience that led me to think, “It takes major cojones to do this every day.” So, this is a tribute to all those we take for granted, to all whom we never seem to realize or appreciate the sweat they put into doing what they do, and still make it appear effortless.

  • Mothers. There is no hat that they can’t wear: caregiver, comforter, confidant, chef, nurturer, doctor, nurse, shrink, cleaner, teacher, conflict manager….the list goes on and on. Many times, they are required to wear more than one hat at a time, and no, there is no schedule to anticipate when you’ll be needed to play what role. One day, a whole year is not enough to give the necessary appreciation for the role you play in each and every one of our lives. To all the mothers out there, thank you.
  • Fathers. They are called to be pillars. We expect them to be strong and steady no matter what is going on around us; to lead and comfort, to be there and to always show the strength no matter the circumstances. Men who have not understood their roles as fathers have overtaken the airwaves, and distracted us from the many good fathers around. I salute you all good fathers out there, for doing your best, even when we take it for granted.
  • Nurses & Doctors. They run around ensuring we have everything we need to get better when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable. When we are sick, we don’t care what the people catering to our needs are going through. It is human nature. Thank you, for leaving all that is wrong and painful in your life behind and taking care of the sick by doing more than is expected of you.
  • Teachers. Educator, confidant, friend, role model, and the many more roles you play that we may never know. We never expect them to have bad days, not to understand us or our children, or to give us less than the best. The pressure for them is enormous, to always give hope to our future generation, and to be a sound example to all that are around them. A salute to you all, for taking part in shaping us into who we are now.
  • Salespeople. We despise, belittle, ignore, or are just plain rude to them. It takes guts, and courage to approach someone with the intent of making a sale knowing you may be rebuffed, all day long. They always approach us with a smile, taking our reactions to them (negative or positive) in stride. No, they are not on Prozac, nor are they superhuman, but though we seldom treat them with the respect they deserve, they are always face each interaction with great optimism.

Wait staff, chefs, celebrities, hawkers, police, the list is endless. We don’t understand what they go through behind the scenes to give us what we expect of them. We see them based on our own perception of them; peppered by a few negative experiences. Try to put yourself in another’s shoes, see them in fresh eyes, and appreciate them for what they go through, to fulfill your expectations of them.