This is good and bad news. Bad news for those on a high, because it won’t always be so good, but good news for those in hardship because it won’t always be as bad. There is a sweet spot in your life; a place where its neither good nor bad. This is our mean, or our normal. We take it for granted, don’t count it for the successful day that it is, when we should really welcome these days with gladness. These are days of rest, of preparation and of fortification, for the next big battle in our lives. 
We count our lives by the moments, the good and the bad. When good things happen, we ride the high never thinking that the excitement will ever end. The same happens during our lows; as we go through every excruciating moment, it feels like the low will go on forever. It is therefore comforting, that we are so wrong in this assumption. 

It gets normal, the bad won’t always last as long as we imagine, but sadly, neither will the good. Treasure the normal. Like in war, let this hiatus be the time to sharpen your sword, oil you weapons – because the battle isn’t over yet, and the good times are also in the horizon. 

Don’t waste your sweet spot.