​There are two distinct types of people, those who go out there and get what they want, and those who wait for it. 

Those who wait for it have a gift of patience. I say gift because sometines the thing you want may take time. And these are willing and able to wait and no matter how long it takes, they keep their faith and hope alive, not letting the long stretches of time get to them. In some cases, this type of person wins; when it comes to love, when they get what they have waited for, it is treasured, for it did not come easy, and the wait is definitely worth it. These people rarely despise what they have, because the same patience they showed in getting what they most desired, they exhibit the same patience when whatever they dreamed of isn’t as perfect as they envisioned, they don’t throw it away or abandon it because it is not perfect. 

Go getters. These know what they want and will do anything to get it. They are perfect in business. They find out what they want and don’t rest, don’t let anything stop them from getting what they it. Nothing can stand in their way. They will jump over it, go around it, do anything to make sure they keep going. And they do win, especially in business.

When it comes to love…. Well, its double sided. See, they go for what or who they want, but in most cases, lack the patience needed to forge lasting relationships. No matter how much of a go getter one is in many aspects of life, love demands patience. And no matter how patient you are in life, you will be called upon to be get out of your comfort zone and go for what you want. 

The balance and wisdom , to know when to wait and when to go get it. That’s the sweet spot.