Everyone, at one point or another, wants to give up. We may make this feeling known to others or not, but we all go through it: in our spiritual life, relationships, businesses, or at work, for some, they may just want to give up on everything. But then comes a voice which tells you not to give up, so what does not giving up, perseverance look like? 

  • It means knowing your why. There is a reason why you started your spiritual journey, your business, that relationship in the first place. Do you remember your why? Do you have a reason that makes you hold on even when the going gets tough? If you do, you need to remind yourself what it is every day. If you don’t, you need to figure out your why ASAP. 
  • Have the end in mind. When a construction is underway, there is a picture in place of what it will end up like. While clearing the land, making the foundation, raising walls, roofing, etc. Through the whole process of construction, there are lots of setbacks along the way, but with the picture of what the end will be like, the frustration of today is just that temporary. 
  • Class is in session. That which you’re going through right now is for someone’s good. Have you realized that after you have gone through something you find yourself encouraging someone else through your own experiences? The same is true for what you’re about to give up on. When you persevere, you will uplift someone else with your story, when you give up for the wrong reasons, you will be a cautionary tale. 
  • Make a choice. Everything that has happened in your life is a consequence of your choices. Make a choice to stick with it, to not give up no matter what. 
  • Encouragement. Who you surround yourself with matters. If you surround yourself with naysayers, they eventually point it your way. Surround yourself with like minded people, who are going through the same thing, pursuing their dreams. This way, you will be able to have a support system, for the good times and the bad. 
  • Information. What do you read? What do you listen to? What are u watching? Will it make you the kind of person who will own the finished product of your pursuit? If not, something needs to change, the dream, or the information you arm yourself with. 

It all comes down to you, whether what you have at hand is worth holding on to or not. Your assessment makes the decision of whether to give up or not.