The Swahili say, ‘Macho hayana pazia’ literally translated to mean that the eyes have no curtains. You can’t help what you see, and you can’t unsee what you’ve seen. 

So you see someone trying to establish a business and failing, relationships all around you seem to always crush and burn, and many of those around you who call themselves Christians but do not act like it. Will all these stop you from starting your own business? Getting into a relationship? Or reading the Bible and going to church? 

No matter what you see all around you, it is what you choose to focus on that counts. In the midst of a crowd, you’d zoom in and focus on your person of interest. You’d focus your attention on a stain before cleaning the whole surface. The same principle applies in life. What you focus on determines your perception of the matter. When you focus on the businesses that have failed, your probability of starting your own business diminishes. When all you focus on are broken relationships, you close yourself off from being in one. For the many who claim to be Christians only by name, there are many more who are Christians by deed. 

Your focus determines whether you’ll be brave or fearful in life. May you have wisdom as you choose your focus.