Tis the season. It’s that time when we look back and hold ourselves accountable for the year that has been. We look forward to the new year and make game plans, revise our hopes and dreams and promise ourselves changes that we must keep to achieve our goals.  The end of the year also calls us to make inventories and hold ourselves accountable to what we have and have not achieved yet.

  • Inventory. Take stock of your warehouse. What did you have at the start of the year? Has your stock been well used? Has your time,  your talents,  your gifts,  been well utilized? We made plans with excitement at the start of the new year,  of what to ditch,  what to add and what to improve in our inventory. Have we been successful?
  • Accountability. Taking stock leads us to this, being accountable. What losses have we suffered? How much time and money have we wasted? How many opportunities have we let slip by? What do we have to show for our being alive this year? Have our lives improved? Have our families improved? Have we become better people as the year progressed? What positive difference is there around and within us because we got to be alive this year?

The year is almost gone,  but there is yet a little time to make a difference in your life,  no matter how small.