Dear fear, 

You ain’t so dear any more. I held you closer than a brother. I took you everywhere I went, and thought you were an important part of my identity. 

Well, things have changed, and it’s time we parted ways. See, my eyes have been opened, the fog in my mind had been cleared. You ain’t as pretty as I thought I you were, your company isn’t as exciting as I imagined. I now realize, that you aren’t as beautiful as I thought you were, and frankly, I want and deserve better. 

I have a new friend now, we just met and she’s Courage. I love her more than I ever loved you. While I used to hide behind masks and refrain from being myself when I was with you, the story is different in the company of Courage. With her, I get to be myself and have fun just being. I get to have fun, and just last night we burnt my former residence, Comfort Zone, I have a better area code now. I experience much more, my life is so much fuller, and my days are much more brighter, than they ever were in your company. 

Just from our short time together, I know I’m better off with Courage that I ever was with you. I don’t know why I held on to you, Fear. But no more. I’ve packed your bags, everything that’s associated with you is outside, where you belong. 

Good bye Fear. I don’t  want to associate with you anymore. I know you’ll try to come back, and hope that I’d be willing to take you back, hoping that I will miss you if you stay away for a while. Your place in my life has been filled up. It will never be vacant. 

It was not nice knowing you Fear, but I’m glad I know how you look like, how you feel like. But I don’t want you in my life any more. So leave, and never come back again. 


Yours truly.