​Consider this, you see a beautiful luxury car in a show room, sleek looking, beautiful interior, new car smell, the works, but upon going to check out the engine…. Empty! Would you buy it? 

Same happens with people. No matter  how sleek the outside looks, the longevity of your interactions depends wholly on who they are inside. The power behind their words and actions, their integrity, their passion, their minds. 

No matter how much make up you put on, there will be someone who will want to see who you are beneath the makeup. No matter how smooth your words are, someone will demand the you behind the words. No matter how defined your muscles are, someone will want to know the you beneath it all. What will you have to show them? 

It all boils down to working on yourself every day. Not being contented with who you are, when you can be a better version of yourself. When you keep learning, you keep growing, you stay humble because you know that you are a work in progress. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with such a person?