It’s  a learning process, one filled with self discovery and awe everyday. Each of us in this business all have a reason or ‘a why’ for joining this business. As you mature in it, your eyes are opened, to the potential to do good, to share, to change someone’s life, just by word of mouth. 

What are these gifts you ask? 

  • Financial freedom. ‘Go to school, get good grades, get a secure job.’ This road map to financial security has not worked for many in a long while now. Anyone, no matter their educational background, talents, gender, race, anyone, can get involved in network marketing, and succeed. 
  • Time freedom. There is a reason many identified with Garfield, the hatred for Mondays. Many lament that they don’t get to spend time doing what they love. This business is different, you choose how much you want to be involved, you choose your hours. 
  • Leadership. Imagine, being given the chance to take responsibility and become a leader of a team, to encourage, teach,  motivate and help them to be better people, while helping them realize their own dreams. 
  • The chance to change a life. Through NWM you have the chance of being on the forefront of a constant cycle of awakening, awareness and witnessing the renewed hope in a person’s life, that the dream one once had, is now reawakened and achievable. 
  • Personal development. 

Formal education will earn you a living, but self education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn 

The most common advice I’ve received is to read more, make it a habit to read a good book everyday. In the words of Matt Morris, “If you empty your wallet into your mind, your mind will fill up your wallet.”  We are constantly advised to keep learning even before we start earning, the effects, are priceless!

NWM is a new kind of business, one which has filled me with hope, and the humble realization that I have with me the ability to change someone’s life, and equip them, to duplicate this change over and over again.