​Your life, is not all about you. Think about it,  why did you have to belong to a family? Why, did you have to originate from a specific area? Why do you live in a neighborhood? Do you really have to have friends? Acquaintances? Was the one who claimed that ‘no man is an island’ realize the depth of what (s)he said or were they just drunk? 

It’s not about you. Your life, your decisions, your choices, don’t just affect you,  the consequences are more far reaching than you would ever imagine. What you think of yourself dictates what you think of, and therefore, how you treat others. Your decisions affect those around you,  which then affects those around them, and on and on it goes…. Like dominoes. 

Up till now,  your past has shaped you. The people you met,  the places you lived in,  the words you spoke, and that were spoken to and about you. But do you know that you too have the power to affect this domino effect, purposefully? If you subscribe to the way of thinking that your life,  thoughts and actions do not just affect you,  but others too, wouldn’t you be more careful about how you speak? What you do,  and how you treat others? When you do something good to someone else,  without expecting anything in return, the probability of this action replicating goes higher,  as more good is done to others, as people become more conscientious about the after effects of their once mindless words and deeds. 

You are a domino. Everything you do,  say or don’t, has far reaching effects on people in your immediate circle and beyond.