We are all looking back. At the year that has been, reviewing the people we were, the expectations we had, and either coming short or finding satisfaction from what we discover. 

Life is a lesson in progress, every year signals the beginning of the new class, or for some, a forced repetition of the lessons not yet learnt from the previous year. Every year has objectives, lessons that we must learn to have successfully gone through that stage that comes in form of a year. 

  • Lessons about self. Every year we meet new people, in new phases of their own journey. Every year new things happen, to us, and to those around us. Our  encounters with these people and circumstances define us, define our experiences, as we learn more about ourselves based on our own reactions, decisions and resulting perceptions. 
  • Lessons on others. Each interaction with others reveals a facet of who they are, not just who we are. As we go on in our everyday dealings with others, we get to know who they are, the good the bad and the ugly. 
  • What you don’t know that you don’t know. Confusing right? There is a lot that we assume we know, either due to hearsay, or just due to the limited experiences that we or someone else has. With every experience, we glean new knowledge. What we thought was obvious is challenged, what we did not even realize was a gap in our own knowledge is revealed. On and on our education develops. 

    Class has been in session. The lesson plans and objectives were laid out, were the lessons learnt?