Think of your mind as a scale. From the beginning, ideas and words have been deposited on the scale, way before you could talk. Thoughts and ideas about how you looked, your abilities, your future, your weakness. Everything. As you grow up, you add your own voice to these scales. John Milton Fogg calls these the habits of belief.  Whether good or bad, we have these perceptions of ourselves, of others, that have led us to where we are now. 

The scales are tipped to the voices that keep having an audience in our heads, whether good or bad. One thinks they’re ugly /fat because they did not like what they saw in the mirror, whilst comparing themselves with someone else. They keep this conversation up day in and day out, they listen to those who complement their own opinions and the scales keep tipping on the ugly/fat opinions. 

The same happens to success. When one is surrounded by unsuccessful people, who only complain about not having enough and never seek to find a way out, it would be difficult for such a person to dream or even imagine themselves as successful. Remember what they said about being the average of the 5 people you hang out with? 

Now that we know the problem, is there a cure? Yes. Let’s start from the beginning, how did these habits of belief become a part of who we are? By telling ourselves the same thing over and over again. By focusing on what others said that was in line with what we were saying to ourselves, right? The same criteria is what will change the scales in our favour. Just like the unending voices preaching ugly and fat won over, so can those of beautiful and fit replace them. Because you know what you say to yourself over and over will become your reality, you will be more careful about what conversations go on in your head. You will be attentive to only allow positive and helpful opinions and thoughts of others to rent space in your head. Just like the bad habits tipped your scales in the beginning, so can good ones. 

The beauty about habits of belief is that, just as the bad habits were planted in your head, by ourselves and by opinions of others, the stakes can be tipped in our favour. By actively thinking and focusing on what we want to achieve, what we want our future to be. 

 So, what will the conversations in your head be?