So, the new year is here. For most of us, a new year comes with new expectations, resolutions and choices. Why then, do we start lamenting and making jokes about the complete failure of these within a few weeks? Or even days. 

According to Tony Robbins  ‘… Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!’ This he says is due to a lack of mastery, of time, and emotions among others. 

We are surrounded by the culture of instant gratification. We want it now. This has made many of us want the fruit, the end product,  but without having to work for it. This is what stands out for me in what Tony Robbins says. We know exactly what we want by year’s end, but do we know what it takes to get it? What we need to know, ought to do to get where we want to and maintain it? 

Getting started on becoming the person you want to be doesn’t have to start with the new year, it starts with making the decision to be different. When you decide that you want to change, this is when your new life begins. 

Ignition is not marked by the turning of calendars, and dates. It is marked by a change in thinking. When you decided you’ve had enough and want to change, this is when your calendar turns. Because this change in thinking will lead you to the right people, the right actions and to the road leading you where you want to go. 

It all starts with the mind. With making the decision to be different. To have different. To matter what date it is.