Jesus tells the parable of the talents, or of the bags of gold. That a man entrusted five, two and  one bags of gold to three servants respectively. Upon return, the master asked for an account of the usage of these gold from the servants, the first two servants has doubled their gold, while the third had stashed his off the away, and had no profit to show of it! The admonition is epic, and even the little he had was taken away.   

God, our master has give us various gifts, talents and opportunities. Some have more than others, but no one can claim to have nothing. We all come with a deposit to invest. 

Do you know what you have within you? What are you doing to multiply it? Are you taking advantage of this talent, gift and opportunity to better your own life and that of others? 

Attempts the end of our lives, we all will be audited. We will have to give an account of what the we did with the gifts  and talents that were given to us. We will have to give an account of what opportunities we took advantage of and show how successfully, or not, we invested in them. What opportunities we let slip by, and why…

The master is coming, which servant do you plan to be.