It’s a state of mind, which then translates into a way of life. You know knew that is above average, it shows in how they treat themselves, treat others, and demand to be treated.  

So how does above average shine through? 

  • How you treat yourself. It’s shows in how you talk about yourself, think of yourself, and what you think. 

  • How you treat others. Because you who you are and what you are, you treat others with the same respect you accord yourself. There is no need in you to tarnish other’s names and reputation through slander and gossip just to make yourself feel better.
  • Expectations. Your expectations of yourself and of others changes. You expect better of yourself because you know you’re better. You expect others to treat you with respect because you show them and yourself the same. You expect better of others because you know, that just like you, they can live a life that is above average.