You chose yesterday what your today would be like. 

A wise friend just counseled me that you decide the culture you cultivate around you. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. See, the choices you made yesterday led you to the path you’re at today. All this is because your past choices determine your reality today. 

When you allow someone to be rude to you, to disrespect you, this is a culture that you’re setting. The decision to bend over backwards for the short term gain, be it money, a job, an opportunity, will never be remodeled. You show people how you want to be treated, by how you treat them, and how you allow them to treat you. 

In the same way, what we believe about ourselves today has a lot to do with our past. What we chose to dwell on and to believe out of the good and bad that is our history. Our beliefs about ourselves dictate the parameters of our comfort zone. Which if unchecked ends up being a prison, a leash that stops us from being more, doing more. 

Every second is a second chance at life, an opportunity to dictate what our tomorrow and our next moment will be like.