I used to hate caterpillars, how they looked, moved, and especially their fur? Prickly skin? that made me itch whenever they accidentally touched my skin. So? I’d kill them with no remorse when I stumbled upon them. 

Today I saw one. Minding it’s own business, and I could only watch, the thought of squashing it did not even enter my mind. See, the caterpillar taught me something I’ve forever taken for granted, the stages of life. 

Yeah yeah, we’ve seen the pictures of the metamorphosis into a butterfly, but seldom does the reality hit this hard. I thought of the caterpillar as a teenager, swiftly going through life and pissing off everyone around them (I was there once, I still remember the murderous looks I’d attract every day!) 

But like the caterpillar, I have grown, I have changed. Not only did I get saved and quit drinking, but I have better self awareness, better judgment and a fair sense of responsibility. 

We all change, people have the room to change. Just like we forget that a butterfly was once a caterpillar, so must work forget the former wanting nature of others and accept them as they are now.