Everything you want is in the other side of fear. – Jack Canfield 

When they say follow your gut, we mainly look for what feels good. What we are certain about. What about fear? Most see it as an indication to go the other way. What if we have it all wrong? 

When we want to do something, make the call, put in that application, start that business, ask for that raise, we often get that weight at the pit of our stomach. The coward in us convinces us that we shouldn’t go ahead with it. That it won’t end well. 

Did you ever look at that as an indicator? Whatever fear we have carried along all our lives has stopped us from discovering the best of life.  

Let the fear of failure go, fail and learn from it. Let the fear of rejection go. Be rejected and learn how to take no gracefully. Let the fear of trying something new go, try it anyway, it could be just what you’ve been praying for. 

What are you waiting for? Take the path less traveled, the path that has your fear indicators blaring, and live your life out loud. Without regrets.