I used to dread it, receiving the word no. One could blame socialization for equating no with rejection, but really, I hated it because I had conditioned myself to equate no with failure, and failure sucks!

This was until a wise friend unveiled the hidden power of the word no, both in giving and in receiving it. The first lesson I got to learn from all this, was that the word affected me depending on how I perceived it. So, is there really freedom in the word NO?

Next Opportunity. This is the biggest lesson we have to learn. Remember the common saying that ‘When God closes a door, He opens a window’? The ‘No’ you receive can take the form of a broken relationship, dismissal from work or just asking for something and receiving the word no. We seldom recognize the freedom that comes with this action because we keep staring at the door that has been closed. What if you put the No and its source behind you and saw this as an opportunity to engage in the next opportunity that is coming your way?

The NO uncovers new strength, new opportunity and new time that was not there before what you had in hand was taken away. Because you are no longer holding on to and concentrating on an opportunity that is no longer in your grasp, look around; what were you missing that was right under your nose? Who were you ignoring because of your former tunnel vision?

A NO is supposed to free you from something that is no longer relevant in your life, it is not a rejection, and not an excuse for a pity party.