What if it’s true, that on your deathbed, you meet the person you could have been, had your ‘what ifs’ been actions?

Do you dread the sight that will meet your eyes? When you look at who you would have become had you taken the risk? Kept on after your ‘failure’? Kept on believing a little longer? Stepped out and did something, in spite of the fear?

Or do you look forward to meeting him/her? Because you know that you have given life your all. Pushed even when you had no more strength left. Believed, when everyone else was preparing an “I-told-you-so” speech. Tried once more, because your ‘failure’ was a lesson in what not to do.

Everyday, every moment, every second is my second chance. When I meet who I could have been, it will be like looking in a mirror, because I never lost a chance to be the best I could be!