I waited
For someone else
To change my life:
An employer,
To make me wealthy.
Other people,
To make me happy.
A man,
To make me feel loved.

But it doesn’t work like that.
I have come to learn,
Earlier than most do.
That no one else,
Can make you money,
Make you happy,
Make you feel loved.

It is no one else’s business,
But the one you see when you look in the mirror.
It’s your business,
Your responsibility,
Your mandate,
To make the wealth you desire,
The happiness you desire.
No one else will come and do it for you.

Only after this lesson sinks in,
And is backed up by actions,
Do you attract people with the same mindset,
Same goals.
Go getters,
Who have grasped the responsibility,
Busy champions,
Being the artists
Of their own masperpiece.
The authors
Of their own destinies.