I saw it,  saw myself happy,  doing what I loved,  changing lives, as mine was continually changed. I felt it,  the joy and fulfillment that came with doing what I loved,  surrounded by people who shared my enthusiasm and love for what we did. But I questioned it! 

The vision was so vivid, the emotion so tangible,  but it failed to relate with my present. I did not see the path that would lead me there,  I did not imagine that I would be so blessed. 

Thank God! My doubts did not stop my vision from being manifested. Even though I did not understand how I could ever reach where I am now,  I still did. The future is bright,  the dream now a reality,  with astounding lessons to be learnt every day. 

  • Don’t doubt your vision,  just because you see the end but can’t figure out the path that gets you there doesn’t make the vision improbable. 
  • Grab your vision and look out for opportunities to make strides,  to make choices that you were previously afraid of making. 
  • Work on yourself,  who you are now is not at par with who you’re going to become. Work on your mind,  yourself,  be the kind of person who matches what you’ll be in future. 
  • Hold fast to your vision. Write it down, hold on to it. Just because you have the vision doesn’t mean that others will understand the path you get to undertake. Only you were given the dream, the vision,  and when naysayers only see how it can’t be done,  be fortified enough,  to protect you nd yipur vision from dreamstealers. 
  • TAKE ACTION! An ounce of action is better than 10 ounces of thought, Ed Blunt says. Just because you think it doesn’t mean that it will magically appear. The vision, or dream is meant to get you stirred up, make changes in your life,  and accompany them with daily disciplines that will pay off in the long run. 

The vision of your life is a gift,  a glimpse into the end of a path that though may be paved with danger and rejection,  it bears the fruits of satisfaction; of a life well lived,  and a purpose effectively accomplished.