Quit. Most have done it, and so many more have contemplated it. Whether in a moment of weakness or frustration, the result is the same, giving up on yourself, and on your dreams. 

Here’s something we all have to internalize: we all get to chase after our dreams, our dreams never chase after us. Just because it is rough for a while doesn’t mean that it’s permanent. Just because it takes you a while doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Just because others don’t understand doesn’t mean you’re crazy. You’re chasing after your dream, they may not understand it during the process, but may do so when you achieve it. 

Long-term residual income never comes to quitters. 

They say if you buy another’s opinion, you have to buy their lifestyle too. Be careful who’s opinion you let determine your actions, your choices and your actions. Because you will end up just like them.